Upgrade: Plastic surgeon gives woman four breasts



All a New York mother wanted was a nice pair of breasts. So, in 2003, according to the New York Daily News, she went to a plastic surgeon to get a set.

What she ended up with was four titties. Huh?

The 2003 augmentation operation and subsequent procedures left Maria Alaimo, now 47, with "double-bubble" deformities that caused "pain...disability, loss of self-esteem, humiliation and embarrassment," according to a lawsuit she filed.

It also contributed to the end of the mother of two's marriage, her lawyer Michael Kuharski told the Staten Island Advance.

Alaimo, who started out wanting only a pair of full 36 C cups, now is suing Dr. Keith Berman of Staten Island for $5 million in damages.

Maybe if she had some self-esteem before she went under the knife this wouldn't have happened. So, what is this double-bubble thing?

According to realself.com, double bubble is the surgeon's fault.

It is more up to your surgeon that to you to prevent a double bubble deformity. As long as your natural inframammary crease is preserved, there can be no double bubble. A DB deformity occurs when the crease is lowered and the old crease is still present and causes a dent across the lower pole.

Here is a NSFW link to see what the double bubble looks like.

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