Just ask him to and he won't say no



Reading the Frisky sometimes makes me happy that I'm not the typical woman who goes to that site for advice.

So, there is this article on the site titled Five Moves Women Love in Bed. Those moves include being spanked, getting eaten out and being dominated.

Are there still women out there who don't take control of their own pleasure? That's sad.

Sure, you may have to talk him into anal sex, but if you just ask him — he won't say no. Just pass the shea butter.

Women, if you're having bad sex it is your fault. Once he has you in bed, playing the good girl role is a bit unbelievable. You want him to shove his thumb in your bum, ask him. You want to do a backwards cowgirl and stick your big toe in his mouth, ask him.

You are in control of your orgasm, remember that.

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