Advice to Tiger Woods: Just shut up



Why oh why has Tiger Woods called a press conference for tomorrow?

Dude,  this is why you should've stayed in contact with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley — you don't have to explain anything. Even if you were dropped by some of you sponsors, you're still a billionaire.

Exposed as a serial cheater and stripped of his family-man reputation and lucrative endorsements, Woods checked into a Mississippi sex rehab clinic to repair his image and marriage.

That wife hasn't filed for a divorce and all of those skanks who claimed that they slept with you, well the clock ran out on their 15 minutes of fame. So, why are you speaking again, Tiger? Just leave rehab, get back on the green and shut people up.

Your story is not unique and frankly, it isn't even that interesting. Now, the John Edwards sex tape, I'm still waiting for. But come on, Tiger Woods is a pro athlete. He's supposed to have a stable of women. This isn't the first time we've seen this play out and it won't be the last. If anything, I hope Tiger has learned to find better mistresses. You can't fuck the waitress and think she's going to be quiet about it. Especially if you're not giving her hush money.

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