Is romance dead?


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I overheard two women talking today while I was standing in line for coffee.

One woman was freaking out because once again, she was going to be without a man on Valentine's Day. Her friend rolled her eyes — obviously this is a conversation she'd heard before.

Woman #1: It's the same thing every year. I meet a guy and right around Valentine's Day he flakes out on me. When do I get my romance? My roses and candy?

Woman#2: Buy your own. Here's the thing, romance is over rated and dead. These guys you meet and deal with only want to fuck. If you really wanted them to stick around, you wouldn't give them any until the 13th, that way you'd wake up with his ass on Valentine's Day.

Woman #1: Why are you so negative?

I didn't want to laugh but I did.

Valentine's Day isn't about love or even sex. It's about one woman showing off for other women.

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