Should you get paid for giving an older lady an orgasm? Not in China.



If you're hooking up with old people hoping to get their money, expect to lose.

Everyone can't be Anna Nicole Smith.

The latest case of such old people shagging for cash comes from China — Hong Kong to be exact:

A feng shui adviser who had an affair with Asia's richest businesswoman before she died lost his bid for her multibillion-dollar estate Tuesday when a Hong Kong court deemed the will in which he was named a forgery.

The legal battle over the late Nina Wang's fortune has fascinated Hong Kong with its often-bizarre stories of Chinese feng shui rituals and illicit love affairs, offering a rare glimpse into the private quarters of the ultra-rich in this money-obsessed city. Feng shui is the Chinese practice of arranging objects or choosing dates to improve one's fortunes.

The ruling Tuesday marked another episode in the colorful saga of Wang, nicknamed in Hong Kong as "Little Sweetie" for her girlish outfits and pigtail hairdo.

Wang died of cancer in April 2007 at age 69. The lawsuit centered on two competing wills — the 2006 will held by feng shui master Tony Chan Chun-chuen and a 2002 will that left Wang's fortune to Chinachem Charitable Foundation Ltd., a charity set up by the late businesswoman and her husband.

Of course, Wang's family is happy.

Meanwhile, Wang's brother, Kung Yan-sum, told reporters: "We have won now. There is justice in this world."

But they're probably embarrassed too. No one wants to know this about an aging family member:

Chan captivated public attention during the trial with his lawyer's claims that he and Wang were so intimate that she left him a pair of her pigtails. Chan himself testified they were having an affair when his wife was pregnant with their eldest son, telling the court that Wang called him her "husband."

Moral of the story, stop having sex with dying old people and expecting to get paid for it!

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