Gimme that honey love



Have you ever had a taste of something so fantabulous that it becomes a craving or borderline an obsession?

I'm talking about it's so dang good, it'll have you doing some of the craziest things.

Take a trip with me down memory lane.

Once upon a time, a neighbor of mine was seeing a woman. My guess is she put it on him because she had this brother dressed in all black, hiding in the bushes, just so he could make sure she wasn't giving his pineapple cream pie away (if you are still lost as to what I’m talking about refer back to The Bakery is Closed blog please and thanks).

I said all that to say one more time, you know what I'm talking about if you get some "good good" that'll have you speaking tongues.

You know you've had a taste of it when: (come on now, ya'll know I love making lists)

1. Good Good will have you doing drive-by's in the damn middle of the night, nightgown, pink rollers, SpongeBob slippers and all. Just hoping to catch a mofo slippin'.

2. Good Good will have you to somehow manage (with some manipulation, I'm sure) to get a hold of the email password, text messages, voicemail password, and anything else that would require you listening or reading to make sure that mofo isn't giving away that good good to someone else.

3. Good Good will have you doing crazy ish like sitting outside a mofos job just hoping to get a glimpse of what you plan on getting into later, or making sure nobody else is getting it.

4. Good Good will make you pay a mofo's bills, car note, mortgage, child support, hell alimony.

5. Good Good will make you put all your close friends on the back burner, because you think you have found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

6. Good Good will have you having involuntary flashback spasms while on the job and your coworkers looking at you like you need to be collecting a check for being crazy.

7. Good Good will have you walking around smiling and being overly friendly, even if your car got towed, you had a flat tire, lost your last dollar in the vending machine, or tore a hole in your new outfit.

8. Good Good will have you plotting and scheming just like a crack head just for one more hit ( I know you have heard Jodeci's jam Feenin — nuff said).

9. Good Good will have you forget you even have a job, it's so good, you just want to stay boo'd up, not caring if the lights, water and lawd forbid, the cable gets shut off.

10. Good Good will have you social network stalking. Trying to see who poked your boo, who said hello, who wished them a happy birthday, or even dare told them their photos were cute. Then you start over analyzing but that's a whole 'nother blog in itself that I don't have time to go into today.

The lesson here is just because its good good doesn't always mean its good for you. If you have to do all this crazy acting ish, then chances are the good good is probably bad. Either way, screen it and if it don't smell right it's probably rotten as hell.

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