Before you kill him ... leave



This weekend, I watched Snapped and realized the love makes you Looney Tunes.

The episode I saw last night about the cheating cop and the distraught girlfriend made me realize that love is not that serious. He was a ladies man and she picked up on this before they'd even started dating. Red Flag! Walk away Renee!

But this woman stayed and that's when all the tomfoolery begins. I don't know if women (myself included) just have a lonely gene, and we feel as if we have to have  man in our lives even if that means sharing him with other woman. Look at Elin Woods, who is considering dropping her divorce case against Tiger.

But, men don't like to share. They can't handle it when a woman cheats on them.

And not all women can handle a cheating man — hence the popularity of shows like Snapped and Deadly Women.

Ladies, let's get a clue. Orange jumpsuits don't look good on anyone and men are like buses, miss one and ten minutes later there is another one pulling up. And while you're pining for him, he's on to the next one. There is no need to ruin your life over penis.

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