Magic coffee power



Coffee is supposed to wake you up.

Now there's a new java drink that can steam up your sex life. It's called Magic Power Coffee.

The company's website says that this is a love potion that works.

Magic Power Coffee is the world’s first “aphrodisiac coffee”. Increase the sensation and the satisfaction of your love making, every time. All Natural - Magical Ingredients:

Magic Power Coffee's combination of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals has been shown to improve overall sexual experience. Our ingredients are combined using the highest quality standards. Through rigorous research and analysis we have created a safe and effective product. The magical ingredients in our proprietary formula include: Horny Goat Weed, Goji Berry & American Ginseng.

So, can a cup of coffee spice up your evening activities?

Well, it's a little hard to tell. I had a cup last night before visiting with the boy toy. Every time I see him, I get hot and horny. The sex did last longer and he asked me if I was trying to kill him.

The taste of the coffee is all right. If you're into instant coffee, you will love it. I prefer brewed java. What's great about this stuff is that even though you know there is more than just instant coffee in it, you don't taste it--unlike herbal tea.

It's worth a try. This weekend, I plan to let him in on the secret and try the sex again.

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