John Edwards should be called 'Big John?'



More "news" of John Edwards and Rielle Hunter's sex tape has been circulating on the Internet. The headline that grabbed my attention is the fact that the former senator has been called well endowed in the area between his thighs.

Now, I want to see it. Yeah, I said it. First of all, I'm not even shocked by the fact the Edwards has a sex tape. When you're fucking a videographer, those things happen. His political career is over so if he's got a Tommy Lee-sized penis, then let the world see it.

No one should be surprised that Edwards has a big dick. Men with big dicks are always smiling. Edwards is never without a smile. Men with big dicks do things like confess to being the baby's daddy then hop on a plane to Haiti.

What's troubling about the Edwards/Hunter affair is that so many people got involved in the cover up and then about a year or so into it they found some morals. WTF? It's either morals or the size of Edwards' dick that made them go rogue, so to speak.

  • John Edwards and Rielle Hunter made a sex tape that contains "several sex acts."
  • Andrew Young, his aide and former fall guy, found it on an unmarked DVD at Rielle Hunter's house.
  • And so the seeds of Andrew Young's disillusionment with John Edwards were planted.
  • The sex tape is very explicit, ...
  • Revealing an Edwards that "is physically very striking, in a certain area." And that...
  • "Everyone who sees it says 'whoa'. She's behind the camera at first."
  • Gawker sources add: "It [the tape] was kind of the last straw for people who had sacrificed savings and jobs to lie for John. You should expect to see plenty more stories about him coming out of the woodwork when more people realize how... complicated... his motivations were.

Somebody is just jealous that they don't have a big dick like John Edwards. But can someone please leak this video?!