Stop cheating



A few years back, there was this "stop snitching" campaign going on. What it amounted to was people didn't help the police when a crime took place. Even some rapper went on 60 Minutes and made an ass of himself by saying he wouldn't turn in a murderer who lived next door.

Crude as it was, the campaign worked. Well it's time for another one. Let's call it STOP CHEATING.

Charles Phillips

Need reasons to stop?

  1. The baby that you deny is yours and someone is going to tell it — John Edwards.
  2. Your mistress will post evidence of your eight-year affair online and pay an ass-load of money to put up billboards of your affair in New York — Charles Phillips.
  3. If you are a billionaire and you sleep with women who make around $20,000 a year, they will sell their story to the media — Tiger Woods.

So, let's make some "Stop Cheating" T-shirts. Let's take wedding vows seriously. And let's (because cheating will continue) cheat with people who have just as much to lose as you do.

Do you think Oprah would cheat with a waiter? Or allow someone to take pictures of her and her lover? If need be, make your mistress (and men can be a mistress too) sign a release.  Better yet, just pay for it--in Nevada where it is legal. The prostitutes never talk over there.

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