Sex Q&A: Debbie Augustine talks Pantygram



When Valentine's Day rolls around, you should give the man in your life something he really wants.

Flowers, you think? Hell no. Chocolate? Nope.

He wants the panties. He wants to know that he's going to score, and with a Pantygram, you can tell him and make his friends and coworkers jealous at the same time. Score one for you for making your man look like the man and score one for him for pulling out a sexy pair of panties in front of people who probably haven't scored since 1910.

Debbie Augustine knew 20 years ago that she had a hit on her hands when she sent her then boyfriend a sexy poem and some panties. Now, with her Web site,, Augustine is making sure men all over get just what they want for Valentine's Day: some action.

Creative Loafing: What is a Pantygram?

Augustine: The thing is, there are a lot of gifts to get women for Valentine's Day. But not so much what to get men and we all know what men want. (Laughter) Why not do something creative and clever to let them know, you get what they want? The way it works is, you go online and you can personalize a message that will be attached to the panty that he will receive. He can receive it at work or anywhere that you want it delivered. We've even had a lot of women send them to their boyfriends and husbands in Iraq. When he receives it, he has a message that can be like a little tease — you know secret admirer or something. Then it has a code where he goes online to get the rest of the message.  It's really engaging and a lot of guys who get it at work, it's like a pride thing because he's pretty much the envy of the office because some woman sent him panties.

How is it delivered, and what does it look like?

It comes in a black envelope with a gold label that says "personal and confidential." So, it gives him a heads up that he might not want to open it in a conference room or something. He opens it up and inside is a pair of red lace panties with a note attached and that note is whatever the woman wants to say. It can be customized or we give examples of what you can say.

So, how many Pantygrams have been sent?

We've sent 15,000. This is our fourth year and they've been sent all over the world. And we've had a lot of stories come back. There was this one woman, and her boyfriend at the time wasn't getting off the dime to propose to her. So, she sent him one of these, and he proposed the next week. Then there was this one guy who had a roommate and he was on the phone with him and the roommate said, "you have a package" and he asked him to open it for him. So, his roommate said "Oh my gosh, you're the luckiest man on the planet because the girl you're dating just sent you a pair of panties." Men love it.

Where did the idea for the Pantygram come from?

Well, I used to kind of specialize in long-distance relationships. I guess it was a fear of commitment or something. But I lived in California, and I had boyfriend who lived in New York. I was always trying to think of clever things to send him. I thought about Cinderella and the slipper. So, it was like here's a pair of panties, and I'd written a poem and attached it to the panties and sent it to him. So, years later, I always thought it would be a great Valentine's Day gift for whatever reason. When I thought about starting the company, I called him up and I said, "Do you remember that Pantygram I sent you?" And he said: "Remember it? I still have it." And this was 20 years later. I thought, "Oh my God, I am on to something."

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