When he doesn't want to F. U.



Sex can be boring. Yes, I said it.

And the reason sex gets boring is because many times partners treat sex as something that has to be penciled in. No.

Sex is an event. And though life gets in the way, you can still treat sex as the playful and fulfilling experience that it should be.

If not, Your Tango.com says you're in danger of letting cheating happen. Because really, if you're tired of three pumps and done, how do you think he feels?

Oftentimes, a relationship will begin on the concept of mutual attraction, loneliness or general horniness. A couple of kooky kids will decide they really like making sweet lust to each other even though they don't have that much in common. After a while, the sex will go stale and there's only so many times you can say, "Did you read what Thomas Friedman said today about the economy/environment/Middle East peace process?" The film Speed ends with the Keanu character telling the Sandra Bullock character that a relationship can't survive if it's based on a traumatic moment, so she proposes to make it about sex…and he's replaced by Jason Patric in the sequel. Coincidence? Contract dispute? Or was his character just sick of sexing up her character?

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