Having an affair, stay off Facebook



Cheating is a hot issues these days and we all know why.

But this isn't a blog about Tiger Woods. It's about a stupid man from right here in Charlotte. The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

Clark is married but dates as if he's a single man. The sad thing is that so many single women actually get involved with this guy, knowing that he's married.

In case you're wondering how I know this guy, we're family--and I am not the wife or I'd be writing this from jail.

Anyway, Clark met a girl who loves to snap pictures and on their last encounter she took some compromising pictures of the two of them. He asked her not to post them online. Then he stood her up a couple of weeks later. So, guess what she did.

You got it--put it on Facebook.

As it turned out, one of the woman's friends on Facebook knew his wife and forwarded her the pictures.


Clark tried to explain his way out of it and even played it off as joke. Then his wife went all Elin Woods on him and went through his phone while he was sleeping. I will give Clark credit for trying, his phone book only listed the person's initials. But his wife is not a fool. She called the numbers that matched text messages and she found the woman in the pictures.

Now, Clark is sleeping at friends houses and begging me to talk to his wife.

But I have a message for him. Stop being stupid and sleeping around with chicks who can't keep their mouths closed or pictures off Facebook.

Why did you get married when you wanted to be single?

And to the women out there who don't respect the wedding band, not all wives are as reserved as Clark's.

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