Abortion, health care debate and why white men are making this decision



When I follow real news, I realize why women in this country have it pretty bad when it comes to our bodies.

Old white men.

This isn't a racist rant, so if you comment, leave that out. But look at congress and tell me who's making all the noise about abortion in the health care debate.

Old white men.

These men, who get their Viagra covered by insurance, don't think a woman's right to choose should be covered under a public health plan.

The abortion debate actually began on the Senate floor on Monday. A vote is possible late Tuesday, Senate leaders said. The fight is over an amendment, put forward by Senator Ben Nelson, Democrat of Nebraska, that would impose tight restrictions on coverage of abortions by any health plan purchased even partly with new federal subsidies intended to help the uninsured afford insurance.

When people who are against abortion decide to adopt these babies, I'll be happy, but that's not going to happen.

Is abortion a sin? Can you--prolifer--condemn someone to hell for having an abortion?

Should abortion be used for birth control? No.

But since most sex ed taught in public schools focuses on abstinence only, we're raising a generation of kids who will think if they pray about it, they won't get pregnant, despite the fact that they aren't using birth control.

I'm beginning to think that congress (and it's lowercase because I don't respect them) wants to push women back into dirty rooms with wire hangers.

If insurance companies didn't keep old men's dicks working into their senior years, then there wouldn't be so many people needing to have an abortion. (An old nut baby= being raised by a single mother.)

And let's be real here. If the daughter of one of these old white men got pregnant by Snake Dunlap--you know, the tattooed cliche from the wrong side of the tracks (or Levi Johnston) - she'd be in a Planned Parenthood Clinic before you can say hypocrisy.

But the debate goes on.

Still, the abortion issue threatens to cost Democrats the support of Mr. Nelson for the larger health care bill. And because the majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, will eventually need 60 votes to wrap up debate and move to a final vote, further compromise on the issue could be needed. Or Mr. Reid will have to win over one or both of the Maine Republicans to approve the bill. And that could entail tough negotiations over many other provisions.

Both sides in the abortion fight say they are trying to maintain existing federal law, which bars the use of federal dollars for insurance coverage of abortions with rare exceptions for rape, incest and the health of the mother.

Sally says both sides are full of shit.

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