When attention hounds get married


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I'm not going to say I'm anti-marriage. But I've been in and invited to enough weddings to know that the ceremony is a bunch of bull.

The wedding is just a chance to show off. You're telling all of your friends and family that you finally snagged one.

But showing off can go too far.

Take the groom updating his relationship status on Facebook at the fucking altar? Are you kidding me?


Can you imagine what the Facebook updates from the honeymoon are going to look like?

Him: Just ate my wife's pussy and my face is all shiny.

Her: I just peed on my lame ass husband. Why did I marry this douche?

But they aren't as bad as the attention seeking bride in the too small dress. Please tell me you saw this crap.


I can't imagine her dad walking her down the aisle in this "dress." And the dumb ass husband just stands there while everyone in the world looks at his wife's breasts. I know these two have a sex tape. I hope they never have kids. Because you're never going to be able to tell your teenage daughter not to dress like a slut when she looks into your wedding photo album.

Yes, times have changed, but if you're going to have a wedding, try to show some class and not your ass.


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