Sex Q&A: Amy Spurlock of the Lake Norman Over 45 Singles Club



Amy Spurlock is the founder of Lake Norman Over 45 Singles Club and she spoke with Creative Loafing about her group and the special needs that folks over 45:

Creative Loafing: What's the difference in being 45 and single — as opposed to being 25 and single in this area?

Spurlock: There is nowhere for folk our age to go. Most of the restaurants and places, whether it's dancing or what have you, are younger. Usually if you go to a restaurant, after 9 p.m. everybody turns 20 years old. So, that's why I've chosen to do this so people could have a place to fellowship. Whether it's girls meeting other girls to find new friends or possibly finding someone that they cared about. It's for people our age to find a place to go and meet people our age.

What were some things that led you to starting Lake Norman Over 45 Singles?

Well, there is just nowhere to go. There are a few Christian singles groups. Other singles groups seem to be younger or older. There was no one in that middle range of 45 to 55. There was quite a bit younger. Of course you could go to a movie or go out to a restaurant, but there was no where to go to meet others unless you want to do a dating service. I think a lot of people are afraid of that.

What are some of the activities that your "Over 45 Singles" look for?

We have done some dances and we've gone to a few vineyards and toured the vineyards where there are hors d'oeuvres. It's a new group, so we're really open to any type of things, whether it be bowling or karaoke or picnicking. We're just trying to get the group going and asking everyone what they would they prefer.

How many members does your group have so far?

I have about 300 members and I had an event Friday night where I had about 150 people. So there is a need.

If you want to join the singles group, you can do that for free, Spurlock said, by logging on to

And if the member comments on the site are true, this is probably a fun group to join.

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