Novelty condoms: fun or freaky (and not good freaky)



You've gone to the bathroom at your favorite nightclub or seedy restaurant and there it is on the wall, a condom machine.

Inside there are glow in the dark condoms, strawberry flavored ones and the tickler.

Curious, you buy one and decided to try it. Or not.

The Frisky isn't happy with some novelty condoms.

From the beer stein to the banana, the cow to the devil, the elephant to the zebra, these johnson raincoats are not something most women want anywhere near their hoo-has. One supposes it would be amusing to see a guy tromping around in nothing but the gas mask jimmy, but, for God’s sake, don’t try to do anything with a willy if it’s wearing one of these, ladies.

But safe sex is anything but sexy, sometimes. Why not have fun with condoms? You're being safe and you're adding a little spice to you bedroom action. Still, a gas mask covered penis does seem to be a bit much.

And for the record, the tickler condom never seems to work.

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