Sex that all couples need



If you've been with your mate for a while, your sex life probably needs a makeover.


This article from is the first step.

Sexual experimentation is key for keeping a long-term relationship fresh, fun and fulfilling. Opening up about your desires can also bring you and your partner closer together. "Experimenting with each other requires a willingness to be vulnerable, which improves intimacy," says Mort Fertel, Baltimore marriage counselor and creator of the Marriage Fitness Program.

The best type of sex on the list is the "hope we don't get caught" sex. You remember being young and sneaking into the basement of your parents' house to get a piece from your boyfriend or girlfriend. While you were stroking, you were also listening for those tale-tale footsteps that belonged to mom or dad.

That made the sex so much more exciting and risky. It's just as fun as an adult. And if you're dating someone with kids, you're probably well versed in the sneaky sex act.

Oral sex without getting caught, now that is the height of excitement. Though it's a lot easier for a woman to give oral sex to her man than the other way around.

This weekend is the best time to try it. After all, it's supposed to be raining.

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