Farting is never cute, in front of your guy — that could be the end



This morning, I read an article on Your Tango.com asking if you fart in front of your guy.


Some women have the right idea, don't fart in front of the man. It's not about being a perfect lady, but farting is nasty and it stinks. We're not talking about "queefing," which is hot and possibly why Kanye West is with Amber Rose. But I digress.

Farting in public is nasty, I don't care how long you two have been a couple. And neither does this lady's husband.

Take Cynthia, who, even after 18 years of marriage, says that publicly passing gas is a no-go.

"This is a major issue for my husband, who gets very upset if I pass gas in his presence," she says. "He finds it a vulgar romance killer. If the need arises, I am to leave the room, walk away if outdoors, or get out of bed and leave the bedroom. We were walking home from my birthday dinner and one kind of happened and he barely spoke to me for a day."

Amen brother! And it goes for men as well, especially after you've chowed down on game day food and have stomach full of undigested meat and gas.

If you're dating a guy who thinks it's a bonding experience for you two to have farting contests, please check your age and his because that's more than nasty, that's juvenile.

Terena and her husband of 12 years have even turned their gas into a bonding experience of sorts. "At first I was shy to fart around him, but as time went on I had to relax or explode," she says. "We both laughed about it, so gas just turned into an inside joke for us. We now have competitions over farts. Who has the loudest, or longest, or smelliest ... we add categories as they come up."

What are they 12?

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