Homecoming/reunion hook up: is it worth it?


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As you think back to high school or college, there was probably one person who you wished you'd stepped to and at least gotten a drunken hook up with.

Fast forward ten years and it's time to see that person again. That's right, it's reunion and homecoming time. Over the last decade, you've done pretty well for yourself. You've either gotten a good job, broken out of whatever clique you were in and lost or gain some weight.

You've grown up and you've gotten confident. You know what to say to the opposite sex and how to get your flirt on. And you don't give a damn if the jocks or mean girls talk about you behind your back.

Still, you wonder if that guy or girl that you were crushing on is single or even worth all the time that you spent thinking about them in high school or college. Then they walk into the venue and as luck would have it, the last ten years have been good to them. They're still smoking hot as you remembered. He or she is single/divorced/widowed or otherwise unattached. You're single --even if it is just for the weekend.

Is it now time for you to find out what you've been missing?

While your loins may say yes and your crush may be willing, you could be making a huge mistake.

1.)  What if it doesn't live up to the decade long fantasy you've built up in your head? The disappointment will kill you, not literally, but you get what I'm saying.

2.) What if you do have someone in your present life and somehow they find out about you reunion/homecoming hook-up? Are you willing to risk your present just because you had to dip back into the past?

3.) It could be the best sex ever to you, but your old crush may be bored as hell. Then you're never going to see this person again and that's going to lead to many more years of wondering what's next in this decade old one-sided love affair.

4.) Your crush could end up being a stalker. While they may have been stable in high school or college, who knows what kind of freaky shit happened to him or her in the last ten years? You could have comforted them in a way that's going to make them move to your current town and plant him/herself at your feet and make you love them when all you really wanted was a romp.

So before you step to that old crush, weigh the pros and cons and check yourself, because you could be the crazy one.


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