Do you really need instructions on how to touch yourself down there?



I'm always online just looking for things.

Today I came across what I thought would be a cute website, Nawtythings.

It was cute until I saw an article about vibrator instructions for women.

All you really need to know about using a vibrator is "Do What Feels Good", "Keep it Clean" and if it is "Not Water-Proof" don't put it in water.  Now that you have the very simple rules - a vibrator is designed to stimulate.  It does a better job of stimulating than a tongue, fingers, or any inanimate object.

If that is all you need to know, then why is this article so long? Did the writer think women are so dense we don't know how to please ourselves--with or without a vibrator?

And why is it that women have to be taught about masturbation and men are never instructed on what they need to do to bring joy to their sticks?

Here's a news flash, women know how to make themselves feel good down there without detailed instructions.

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