Talkin' sex in the Queen City



A few brave souls opened up to a man on the street question about getting it on in Charlotte ... and when I say a few, I mean two.

I'm not counting the "you offering?" ones.

So, let's talk about sex, shall we?

A woman at Starbucks laughed then said:

"I haven't had good sex in three years. I was at a club and met a guy who was a slick talker ,and I decided to take him back to my place for a one-night stand. I hadn't done that since college, and it was the best sex because we both wanted to get pleased. When it was over, no cuddling and no promises that would later be broken. Just goodbye after six or seven orgasms. It was great. Now that I'm in a relationship with a man who has kids, sex is scheduled and not spontaneous. One orgasm at the most. Hey, you're not going to use my name in this are you?"

A man in Uptown said:

"Sex is overrated. Sometimes women talk about it and make you think they know magic, but when you get right down to it, you're doing all the work and she's laying there moaning."

"Are you married?"  asked.

"Yeah," he said. "But I remember what it was like before I got a ring on my finger and getting married was the best thing that happened to my sex life. I get to go out and flirt and then go home to a sure thing on most nights."

So, what's the deal with sex in the Q.C.? Are we to afraid to talk about it in detail because we're not having it or because we keep all the juicy details to ourselves in the south?

Charlotte, believe it or not, is a hot bed for sex. Don't believe me? Then check out a party at the Estate. Or go to The Men's Club on Couple's Night, which is tonight. We're having sex in this city, but we're not really talking about it. At least not to the press.

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