Coming out tales: Mitchell Killman


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Mitchell Killman was the local organizer of this summer's Nationwide Kiss-In Movement in Charlotte.

And he's also a part of the OUT Parade that's happening in Uptown on October 11th, which is National Coming Out Day.

"The OUT Parade is a sidewalk parade to celebrate national Coming Out Day and provide more visibility and support for Charlotte's LGBT community and their allies," he said.

Killman talks about his coming out this way:

"I came out to my immediate family on September 16th, 2002, not long after having left home for college. Looking back I realize that coming out is not so much an one-time event as it is a life-long process.Coming out has been equally the most painful and the most rewarding experience I've ever had in life. Never has anything taught me so much and made me so thankful and proud of who I am. Being out has made me more compassionate, patient, tolerant and open-minded.

"More than anything, coming out has led me to a higher standard of honesty for my own life and the people I am closest with. I wouldn't trade my coming out experience for anything and I encourage others to join us on October 11th and COME OUT!"


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