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The whole pole dancing for exercise craze doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

So, I put in a call to Pole Dance Charlotte to see what makes pole dancing for regular women so exciting.


Some women take it too far, though. When I was on the subway in New York, a group of drunk girls got on and started twirling in the poles in the middle of the train. It was all fun and games until one chick fell. (And yes, me and my companions laughed our asses off.)

Pole Dance Charlotte owner Kelly Adams said pole dancing is a sexy work out that gives women a chance to release their "inner sex kitten." But, she said, she's not turning out the next generation of strippers from her studio.

And while Adams has a dancing background, she's never taken it off on stage. But she knows the benefits of pole dancing. At 41, Adams is in amazing shape and says that often times when she's out with her 17 year old daughter, people comment on how much they look alike.

When you walk into The Pole Dance Charlotte studios, it has more of a ballet school feel than Stripper U.

"Women want to act sexy and they want to be that dancer that's on the stage at the strip club but they don't want to take their clothes off for money in front of a stranger," Adams said.

And it's not easy to do the things you see dancers at gentlemen's clubs do either.

"When they come in, they realize that it's not as easy as it looks," Adams said about pole dancing. "They try a 30 minute class and they say, 'Not only was it fun, but I am sweating, my body is sore and I feel like I've had a regular workout.'"

Adams said because pole dancing as exercise is still new, a lot of her clients are curious to find out what it's all about. "Parties that come in are blown away because they're coming in to have a fun good time and they end up having the work out that they're not expecting," she said.

But let's be real, when you think pole dancing, you do think sex. Adams said that many of her clients pick up moves and the confidence to go home to their mates and add some spice to their love life. But she said it has less to do with the pole and more to do with the fact that after a few sessions, women see a change in their bodies.

And despite the fact that Pole Dance Charlotte is just about working out and having fun, (Adams said she has clients that range from age 18-75 and professional women to house wives) there has been controversy.

If you're looking for a sign to lead you to Pole Dance Charlotte in it's south Charlotte location. You're out of luck.

The landlord where Adams rents her space from wouldn't allow her to put up the Pole Dance Charlotte name or logo. Instead, she said, she had to put up a PDC sign.

Instead of this one.

"One day people will put the stereotype of pole dancing aside and take a look at its benefits to women," Adams said.

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