I meant to come up with this: How to have sex in a Snuggie



You've seen the commercials for that blanket with sleeves, known as the Snuggie. Now it comes in "sexy" prints like zebra and leopard.

They say you can do anything in a Snuggie. So, does that mean you can have hot, steamy, passionate sex while wrapped up in the fleece blanket?

If you follow the Snuggie Sutra, you can have something.

These funny little drawings show how you can turn the blanket that you can watch T.V. in and still be warm into your latest sex accessory.

I like the


She wears the Snuggie on her ba(ck). He holds the other end in his teeth. You are super if you can hold yourself up and keep him quiet at the same time.

This site is funny, but am I willing to drop $19.95 on a Snuggie? Not when I saw a remote controlled bullet for about that price.

But there is a great use for a Snuggie. It can hide your public sex.

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