Why aren't there peep shows in Charlotte?



Gotham City, The Blue Store and several others in Manhattan have peep shows in the back.

These are XXX stores in New York that I enjoyed checking out on a recent trip there. But when I returned to the Queen City, I wondered why don't any of the shops in Charlotte have a peep show? I know there is one in Gastonia, but who wants to drive that far? Not me.

Sure we have the best strip club in the nation here, but there's something fun and classic about slipping in a booth and watching one person perform just for you. You're alone with your thoughts and fantasies. No screaming crowd, no need to leave a tip. You can just watch the same thing over and over again if you like.

The peep show is a lost art and it would be wonderful right here in the city limits. So, I'm on a quest to find out why don't we have peep shows. Stay tuned as I share what I discover.


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