Talk dirty to me, baby



A little hair pulling and nibbling in the right place is just what a lot of women need to get going in the bed. But if you want to push her over the edge, say something nasty.

A well placed pussy, fuck me and some other choice words will do nothing but make the sex hotter.

Now, this can also backfire. I have a male friend who said he hates to hear a woman say pussy, as in "fuck this pussy."

Says it turns him off like a light switch. So, talking dirty has to come with time. Imagine having sex with someone for the first time and they talk like porn star Eva Angelina. Is that really going to turn you on right away? Better yet, are you going to want anything more than sex from this person?

And there are just some things you don't want to hear in bed. I think The Frisky did a good job of identifying 36 words that should never be uttered during sex.

In my opinion, "just like in jail," should've been number one.

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