What is too much information for Facebook?



I'm down for a good sex story anytime, but with all of the eyes reading Facebook and other social networking sites, is it smart to post about your one-night stand?

Unless you're a sex worker, I'm willing to bet no.

Sure your love may have put it on you in ways that made you scream in 10 different languages, but all of your friends on Facebook, including your boss, coworker [who may or may not be getting any] need to know this. Especially if you work for the government. That's why you should pretend you're writing a book and the story you told on Facebook was just fiction.

Or if you're trying to live a Sex and The City fantasy, start a blog under a pen name. This could actually turn into something that you can make money from. It worked for a former London call girl who goes by the name of Belle de Jour.

If you're just writing for yourself and your lover, there is no need to put it online. Take it back to the old school and write about your sexual exploits in a composition book and when he can't get it up or she has a headache, pull that notebook out and start reading -- either to yourself or out loud -- to get some satisfaction.

But please, leave it off Facebook, unless you want everyone to know.

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