Have you ever played the "Trust Game?"



A friend of mine told me that she and her man were getting pretty bored with their sex life. She said that it was always the same thing. Kissing, fucking and sleeping.

The spark was gone, she said.

Until he came home with a set of blindfolds.

My friend said she was a little taken aback at first because he's not the most adventurous guy. Immediately, she thought he's either gotten into my [why am I always considered to be the bad influence?] porn collection or he's cheating. But she decided to keep an open mind on whatever he had planned.

She said he told her they were going to play the Trust game. One partner would blindfold the other and the blindfolded one had to do everything the other partner said.

Of course, he wanted to go first and she went along with it. She told me that the though of not knowing what was going to happen turned her on because knowing how their night was going to end wasn't fun.

With the blindfold securely in place, the first thing he told her to do was open her mouth. She said she half expected him to shove his dick in her mouth since she wasn't keen on giving head, instead, she tasted something sweet. It was a strawberry.

Next, he told her to lay back. Then she felt something cold glide across her nipples.

For the next few hours, she said they played this game until her desire to have sex with him was so strong that they had a thrilling evening that ended up with both of them enjoying their romp.

Granted, this game isn't something new, but I think for those two, it will open doors to more pleasurable sex. She told me that he learned somethings that she likes and she learned things that he likes.

And he actually did get her to give him some head. I say everybody won out with this little game.

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