Write your own erotica for your lover



You don't need someone else to put together words to turn your lover on and you don't have to be an author to write something hot and steamy to get the drawers dropping and the sex popping.

Here are some tips that I learned from a book titled "How To Write A Dirty Story," by Susie Bright. The book is for writers, of course but it can help you spice up your prose that you plan to share with one person as well.

Bright says in the book, "Writing about sex for yourself, or to share with a lover or dear friend is the quintessential reason to write erotica at all."

So, write about the last time your lover gave you multiple orgasms and tell him or her in vivid detail how you felt, how hard or how wet you got days later and what you did to yourself.

Bright says that she has her students write about sexual experiences and:

The concentration it took to write it was like "reliving it all over again." They felt the heat, the anticipation, the ambivalence -- of it all.

For you, your writing [unless you decide to get it published or post it on your Facebook page] isn't going to be graded or read by the masses. But it should make you hot and bothered. I'm sure Bright doesn't want her students to come to class and do this, but when you're ready to read your little dirty masterpiece to your lover, strip down to nothing. Or put on something tight and black [leather is optional].

Need some background music for your story? Put on John Coltrane's A Love Supreme and put it on repeat or your favorite kind of music.

It's going to be a hot time in your house that night.

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