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How many times have you sat down to check your email, text message, or even messages on other sites, like Facebook or MySpace, only to find a pair of boobs, ass cheeks, or even a sausage staring you in the face?

Or taking it a step further, the person in the pic has invited you to a birthday session of sorts; you and them in the nude.

Now,I can only hope the folks that have the nerve to send out these pics look halfway decent when naked, but there are some that make you just blink until your eyes make you look like a crackhead, bloodshot red and bugged out.

But I wanna look a little closer at WHY these people send these type of pics to folks they do not know and expect to get to know.

Social networking sites are all the rage these days, but when did it become the place to try to find your next booty call?

When did it become okay to take naked pictures then send them to people that you think you want to hook up with? What gets me is that same person will send the pics, meet up with the person, find themselves in a jumpoff situation, then wonder why?

Really? If you label yourself as a garden tool, then chances are that's how you'll be treated as such. What person in their right mind would take you home to meet mama and 'nem, if you are so quick to send out pics with the goodies on display? There's no telling just how many people have seen it!

I think it boils down to one thing, well maybe two, low self esteem, and a touch of bitchassness.

What you mean Meik?

Well, maybe these picture sending mofos feel the need to be validated, meaning being told that they are fine, pretty, nice body, ripped, muscular, thick, or whatever adjective they think best describes them.

Low self-esteem is probably what has many mofos posting pictures online calling themselves models on Myspace, Facebook, and other sites. Hmm. Really?! I could have sworn real modeling doesn't entail you taking pics with your cell phone and posting them online, I'm just saying, that just isn't one of the lessons Tyra Banks taught on America’s Next Top Model but hey, I digress because that's a whole 'nother blog topic.

Low self-esteem with a touch of bitchassness will have mofos sending out the pics with a note attached sounding like they have all the sense in the world, but when the recipient clicks on the attachment and finds someone's birthday suit staring back at them, best believe most folks are gonna send it straight to the TRASH. Well, the ones with sense anyway.

Lesson Learned:

Please fam, get some esteem about yourself! If you need to be validated, fine, start by looking in the mirror and admiring yourself and loving yourself, that way you can achieve enough swag to reel someone in WITHOUT having to literally show your ass.

My advice or really the advice I learned from listening to Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean.” Remember to ALWAYS think twice -- especially when you are about to hit send! Not everyone wants to see your cookies, taters, or muffins. If you are truly interested in someone, your conversation should be the first place you start. Try an icebreaker, a hello, let me introduce myself, this is why I'm hitting you up, etc, trust me, you're more likely to get a response

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