What ever happened?



Remember in 2007 when a Charlotte Mecklenburg Police officer used her badge to trump up some charges on a woman who was seeing the cop she was involved with?

I wondered what happened to the officer who faked e-mails and then filed a complaint against the woman. I thought about e-mailing her, but decided to try and track down a phone number for the former officer. Unfortunately, I came up short, but this story allows me to send a message to romantic rivals -- it is never a good idea to involve the police.

Broken hearts heal, but records are forever.

And when you're involved in a relationship and you find out that your mate is cheating, direct your anger where it belongs -- at your mate. The other person probably doesn't know you and doesn't owe you a damned thing.

Don't resort to violence when expressing your anger, remember you don't want the police involved -- but if they left that special article of clothing at your house, no one said you can't start a fire with it. [Make sure said fire is in a fireplace or a grill.]

Of course, there are healthy ways to deal with your anger.

And when you find out that your lover is untrue, the smart thing to do is just leave. There's no need to seek revenge, even if it does make you feel better in the short term.

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