Political sex, another GOP Sex Scandal



What is it with Republicans and sex they shouldn't be having?

And why is it that when politicians do what the average person does on a daily basis, we get so upset? They're human, people. Men cheat on their wives, it is a fact of life. I'm not saying I'd vote for a man who cheats on his spouse, but I can half way understand it.

So this leads me to another John admitting he was a bad boy.

Senator John Ensign has resigned his leadership post in the Senate after admitting to an extramarital affair on Tuesday.

Several sources say the woman involved is Cindy Hampton of Las Vegas. She and her husband, Douglas, were part of Ensign's staff. With serious allegations looming and a wife involved with a U.S. Senator, Mr. Hampton had little to say Wednesday to a waiting camera. "I have no comment at this time," he said.

One thing I've always wondered is why the wives stay. Had I been Hilary Clinton, Bill and I would be divorced. And if I was Elizabeth Edwards, John would need more than a $400 haircut to fix what I would've done to him.  I guess staying with your cheating politician gives you better footing for book deals and your own political ambitions.

Rogich, a Las Vegas political PR expert, says Ensign's admission tarnishes a reputation and can even hurt the GOP. "Republicans got into trouble because they starting believing their own press releases," he said.

Political strategists on both sides say Ensign could become another poster child for moral flip-flopping. "Democrats usually are not running around playing this family values card," said progressive blogger Hugh Jackson.

Of course, former president Bill Clinton still has the biggest sex scandal ever.

Still we have to remember that these people are men and sometimes, they think with the small head.

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