Prostitution hit by recession



Times are so hard, hookers have to find part time jobs.


An Associated Press story details how German prostitutes are offering discounts to tourists who come to the country.

Since late 2008, the number of English and American tourists has dropped and the street dynamic has changed, according to one prostitute in her mid-20s who requested anonymity because she did not want her family to know her profession. She still gets customers, she said, but they no longer pay for the extras.'

Here's why prostitutes are having such a hard time, regular woman have taken a page from their book and are now 'charging' for their services.

This doesn't mean that your coworker is on the stroll at night, but you can best believe that no one is giving up anything these days without some give and take. If you want to sleep with that girl you've been eying for months in this economy, she's going to want something other than an orgasm. You're lucky if it only costs you dinner.

And unlike the Germans, I don't think American women are offering a discount to seniors.

Artemis is working hard at bringing in customers through incentives such as discount cards and lowered prices for taxi drivers and senior citizens. The incentives have meant an increase in the number of regular customers, Rahn said.

As a friend told me two nights ago, "There is no tax on Social Security checks."

But fear not, there are still women out there who will still give you what you want for free. Good luck finding them.

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