Dressing sexy at work and keeping your job



Hey, guys I'm going to let you in on a secret, women don't dress for you. We dress for ourselves and other woman.

Now, that doesn't mean you're not on our minds when we flip through that Fredrick's of Hollywood book or walk into The Red Door. But we like the feel of silk and lace against our skin. Still, some of us don't know when to turn down the sex.

Like at work.

Wearing a teddy underneath your business suit does give you an extra bit of swagger, but wearing a teddy for the whole office to see -- not such a good idea.

The Frisky says when being sexy at work, you're the only one who should know about it.

Pubic Topiary: I must admit, I was quite shocked when a seriously high-powered but-very conservatively dressed woman told me about her obsession with her pubic topiary. Apparently, her job requires conservative hair, but a mousy brown bob majorly cramps her longing for a crazy ‘do. The solution: pimped-out pubic hair. Dye it, mold it, whatevs. We like the Just Kittying Kit, which comes with a variety of stencils so you can shape your kitty into whatever your little heart desires. [$39.95, Just Kittying]

Another way to dress sexy at work is fishnet, black pantyhose. Just walking around in fishnets make you think of sex. Pairing them with a business suit will give you a sexy feeling all day.

Just make sure your outfit is very, very business like or you're going to get the wrong kinds of looks from your co-workers and your boss.

The Frisky says:

Crazy-Colored Toenails: From black goth to action-hero blue, there’s something really rad about pairing unexpected polishes with her conservative work attire. [$6, Multi-Action Nail Polish in Plum Purple, Sephora]

I say, skip the panties one day. Either in a pants suit or a long skirt. No one will know unless you tell them. And if you get a great wax job down there before you forgo your panties, you'll be smiling all day.

You can be sexy at work, you just have to keep it more Showtime soft porn than Vivid XXX.

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