Making sex better for both of you



A lot of articles are written about how to make sex better for her or him, but how do you make sex better for the both of you?

Women's magazines focus on what women should do to please a man and men's magazines focus on how to make a woman scream. But sometimes, you just want romance novel sex.

And you can have it.

Sex actually starts before you get in the bed. Good sex begins with foreplay, great sex starts with an emotional connection. Say you're married and your mate does something that warms your heart, like taking the kids to the park and running around with them as if he or she is a six year old. So, you decide to cook his or her favorite dinner and send the kids to grandma's.

Little surprises like this can get the ball rolling. Your mate is surprised and willing to thank you in a most intimate way.

Another way to make sex better for you and your mate is by indulging in your fantasies. And all fantasies don't involve threesomes or S&M, but if that's what you want and your mate is down for it, go with the flow. But have you ever wanted to have sex under the stars? Check the Weather Channel for the next clear night and make it happen. Of course, you're going to have to find out what your mate wants and help their dreams come true as well. Sex is about more than one person, unless it's just you and the toy.

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