Hot time in the city, how to make your sex life cool



It's 80 degrees outside and if you're anything like me, you just want to curl up under the AC. And that's cool for right now. But what about tonight when the air will be sizzling with heat and sex?

How can you have hot sex tonight and not have a heatstroke? Even though lows are expected to drop into the 60s tonight, you still have to factor in humidity.

So, follow these tips tonight and during these other hot summer nights that are sure to follow:

  1. Ice, Ice, baby: Outline your love's lips, nipples and neck with a cube of ice. For an even cooler thrill, give him or her head with an ice chip on your tongue.
  2. I scream, you scream, make them scream with ice cream: Normally, vanilla is a boring flavor. It's just so bland and you have to add so much to make it taste good. Tonight, just add your lover. Smooth ice cream across his or her chest and slowly lick it off. Or, place the sweet cream in every spot you want to be licked on.
  3. Let's do it in the pool: Got access to a private pool? Go skinny dipping at midnight. While you're naked in the water with your lover, all sorts of things will pop up. Having sex in the water is a little rough on the lady bits, so make sure you bring a big towel to lay on the edge if you want to get your freak on.

Of course you need to practice safe sex and using things like ice cream and other items may break down the condom, so keep some extras on hand.

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