Sex toys that look like Hello Kitty? Creepy!



Let's hear it for all the good vibrators out there that look like some version of a hard penis. The ones with the throbbing veins on them are the best.

But fucking


How perverted are the makers of this toy? Sure grown women like Hello Kitty, but that is a child's toy. Gross. When I think of sex, the only time children enter my mind is if the condom breaks. I don't want a cute sex toy, I want a powerful one. People who use the Hello Kitty vibrator, I'm wondering if you have some serious

"Daddy" issue or if you are one step away from being on Dateline NBC's To Catch A Predator.

A child's toy should never, ever be a sex toy — although I know a girl who had a Tickle Me Elmo in college and her roommate says Elmo tickled more than himself. And that's gross, too.

I think this toy is even worse than the Hello Kitty one. I'll never look at the Glo-Worm the same again.