Does getting married mean giving up single friends?



Remember when you and your friends would stay out all night, drinking, talking shit and flirting with everything that had a pulse?

Or remember when you and your friends gathered around the movie screen to watch a chick flick, eat popcorn and cry because men are such dogs?

Well, according to the Frisky, if you're getting married, those days are over.

And this is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard.

Yes, the all night parties are over when you say 'I do.' But not your friendships. Everyone isn't going to get married at the same time, so guess what, you're going to have single friends.

Here's what I've learned from some happily married people, you can't live in a vacuum. The world is not just you and your spouse. The hubby should still have a guy's night and the wife should still have a girl's night.

Time apart makes the time together even better.

This right here, is just ridiculous:

Life was filled with wine-drenched, late-night talks, long bike rides along the lake, picnics in the park, afternoon shopping frenzies, potlucks, brunches, and impromptu sleep-overs — all with my single friends. Now that I’m fully immersed in “coupled life,” I realize I’ll probably never have friendships like those again.

If you're never going to have friendships like that again, then you probably weren't a good friend to begin with. More than likely, you did all the bitching and complaining and your friends had to listen to that bullshit.

One reader of the blog said it best:

As [a] single girl this all sounds so self-absorbed.  “When you’re married you’ll find out who will take a red-eye to be with you in a crisis”????  It’s like high school all over again.  You find the husband, dump your girlfriends when marriage is fun then complain that we aren’t there for you when marriage becomes real because you ignored us.

We singles aren’t morons.  We realize that your marriage will always come first, but throw us a bone and don’t treat us like an employee you call only when there’s a crisis to tend to. We truly are happy for our married friends, as like as they’re not married to jerks).

That's right!

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