Need some extra cash? Just shake your ass



If you can shake it fast, on May 21st you could win $1,000.

Club Onyx is hosting "The Official Booty Shaking Contest." I wonder what the unofficial booty shaking contest would look like, but I digress.

Strip clubs across our area are hosting a lot of contests to stimulate (the economy) and titillate (the


Crazy Horse in Hickory hosts a winner take all Topless Pool tournament on Saturdays.

The Crazy Horse on Independence hosts a Karaoke contest with a cash prize on Wednesdays.

On Sunday night, Uptown Cabaret hosts a bikini contest with a cash prize of $500.

So, if you're low on cash and don't mind taking it off, head to one of the local gentleman's clubs and enter a contest. You may win or get offered a job.

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