Does it matter who says 'I love you' first?



Last night was a total bitch session with three of my girlfriends and I realized that women are crazy.

Men, I understand up and your frustration a bit better now.

Last night's topic was who should say I love you first.

Maybe the person who feels it first?

Not according to my friends, one who hasn't had a relationship since Bush's first term, one who has a relationship with a married man and one who has a string of random booty calls.

Friend 1: "Of course he should say it first. If he says it after you then he doesn't mean it."

Unfortunately, she has back up in the woman-steam media.

Friend 2: "You should only say I love you after he has paid an expensive bill or given you a Tiffany bracelet. It's like saying thank you."

Friend 3: "I love you only works when you are in bed."

Maybe I need new friends.

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