Hot time in the Queen City



Summer isn't even here yet and it's boiling outside. If you're anything like me, you're trying to conserve energy costs and you haven't turned on your AC.

Neither has my neighbor. He keeps his windows open at night. And last night I wish he'd closed them.

Around 3 a.m. a chorus of "oh fuck me harder, harder," woke me up. I had my windows opened too. At first, I thought he was watching a porno with the volume up really loud until I heard his voice.

While I will admit that normally, I don't listen to other people's screams of passion, I was curious. So, I tipped out of my bed and went outside to check out what was going on. Thank goodness for darkness and a broken light in the parking lot of the complex.

When I got a good look at what was going on upstairs, I understood why I could hear everything so well. My neighbor had his partner pressed against the screen in a position that I've never seen before. She had one leg on his shoulder, the other wrapped around his waist while he was on his knees holding on to the window sill. Her face was against the screen, turned sideways.

I can only imagine the imprint that was left on her face when it was all over. It's amazing that the damned screen didn't fall out. After about five minutes of watching them, I felt bad about watching them. At least for free anyway. Here's hoping he'll start to use the AC and close the window soon.

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