They say a movie date is not a good first date



Over the years, dating experts and daters have said going to the movies on a first date isn't a good thing to do. And that's true if you go to a picture on opening weekend. It's going to be crowded and people around you will frown on you and your date talking (or doing something else) during the movie.

But you can make a movie date work for you. First, make sure the person you're dating isn't a movie buff. Dating someone who thinks silence is really golden at the cineplex will ruin the fun.

Next, pick a movie that everyone has already watched or a film that no one wants to see. You and your date will more than likely be alone in the dark. Popcorn is optional. If the movie theater is empty, take a seat at the top of the theater. Then you can talk, kiss, stroke or do whatever without worry that you'll get caught. Of course this only works in stadium seating.

You may not remember what movie you and your date saw, but will get a chance to act like a kid again and what can be better than that?

And if you want to save money, go to the movies during the day then hit up a park afterwards to continue the conversation or whatever.

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