Make Monday night date night


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Until football season starts, there is not much to do. Or is there?

Try a picnic in one of Charlotte's many parks. If you don't want to cook, try one of the daily specials at Boudreauxs.

If you don't want to sit outside and fight pollen, maybe you want head into a restaurant and make goo-goo eyes at your date over drinks. For $9.99, you can take a date to Macaroni Grill for a Mediterranean chicken grill. The location in University City offers a secluded feeling that will surely jumpstart the passion.

If you want to stay at home and cook dinner, check out the fresh fruits and veggies at the farmer's markets around town. Don't forget the seafood, oysters to kick up the sexual heat. There are a number of seafood markets in east Charlotte, along Central Avenue.

Monday can be a great date night, with or without football on TV.


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