When a hard-on goes bad



They say a hard man is good to find.

Last night, that slogan was proven to be wrong, according to my lovelorn friend she and her man ran into the problem last night of his body being ready, but his just couldn't perform.

She said he's had a long week at work and they'd gone out to dinner. She could tell that he was tired, but she was horny. And they'd had tired sex before. Not last night.

They kissed, but she could tell he wanted to yawn. She felt that sweet throbbing between her thighs when he pressed against her and she reached inside his pants, stroking his hard dick.

By the time they'd gotten naked and into bed, her man was only good for a few pumps and then he was knocked out. But his dick was still hard. No matter what she tried, she couldn't wake him up.

It was about 2 a.m. before she noticed that he'd gone soft. All she could think was, what a waste.

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