Wanna be Girl 6?



If you're anything like the rest of Charlotte, you're trying to make ends meet.

Why not use sex to make extra money? Now, before you think I'm saying sell yourself, keep reading.

There are a lot of lonely people who call phone sex lines. If you're a night owl, you've probably seen the commercials. And if you like off-beat movies, you've probably watched Girl 6.

So why not put your pipes to use?

If you want to be a phone sex operator, or a "telephone actress," find a company that's hiring and follow these tips from ehow.com:

1 Discover the benefits. Working as a home based phone sex operator and/or chat actress does have its advantages.

For instance, upon researching many of these companies that hire phone sex operators (PSO is the abbreviation they use), I found that operators typically earn anywhere from $9 to $20 or more per hour.

Other advantages include: No experience required, flexible schedules around-the-clock, regular pay and safely anonymous to callers.

Step 2

Qualify. Most of these companies have the same requirements, such as; must be at least 18 years old, have a quite work place, have a land-line with a corded phone, and be willing to openly discuss a wide variety of topics and fantasies that are sexually explicit in nature.

Step 3

There are many adult telephone entertainment companies looking to hire. Go to the "Resources" section of this article below and browse through the list of company web sites that are hiring home based phone sex operators.

Step 4

Find More Jobs To find more companies that are hiring, search your favorite search engine, such as, Google. Use keywords like: phone actress, phone actor, chat actress, phone sex operator, adult operator, adult entertainment operator, adult phone jobs, etc..., you get the idea.

Step 5

Apply to companies that you are interested in, but BE SURE to read each company's rules, pay rates, schedules, equipment requirements, etc...

Step 6

Talk, act and get paid! Good luck!

To find a company that is hiring, log on to www.phoneactress.com.

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