Every cell phone isn't ringing for a call


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Introducing the Vibra Phone.

It may look like a cheap cell phone — not a BlackBerry or an IPhone. But that look of joy on that woman's face isn't from the call she's receiving.

It's from her "secret agent massager."

OK, that came straight from the item's Web site. The idea of this vibrator is interesting, but why can't you do it with your real cell phone?

I'll admit it, I've tried it and I liked it. That's why my phone stays on vibrate and in my pocket.

Sometimes, I call myself just to get that spark I need during the day. This toy is actually looks just like the phone my good friend has, now I'm tempted to dial him up just to see if it actually rings or if he's been using a vibrator all along.

PS: The BlackBerry has a power vibration.


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