Making safe sex sexier



Condoms are the cornerstone of safe sex. Though not 100 percent, for the most part, they keep us from itching, scratching and blistering down there.

And not to mention, regular use of condoms help reduce the risk of contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

But condoms are boring. As non-PC as it is to say, when your in the middle of some juicy foreplay, pausing while he rolls a condom on can change, if not kill the mood. But a responsible person does it anyway.

Just because you have to pause to make sex safe, it doesn't mean you can't be sexy.

Step one, put the condom on with your mouth. The Frisky has instructions on how to do this.

But make sure you take heed to this one:

The Package: First things first, use an non-lubricated condom. We’ll get wet later, hot stuff! And although your dentist probably wouldn’t recommend using your teeth to tear the package open, it’s pretty hot. Just use your fingers to keep the condom out of your mouth’s reach and carefully take it out of the wrapper. If you break the condom, it’s useless. So, if you think you felt it get caught it in your teeth, start over!

Step two, find your flavor. Condom USA offers some free samples of flavored condoms, but for the really yummy ones, like chocolate, banana and cherry, you have to pay. But think of the fun you will have finding what tastes good to you. Trust and believe your partner won't mind you experimenting.

Step three, try different shaped condoms like the Twisted Pleasures condoms by Trojan and these:

Pleasure Plus Condom - The new shape of pleasure

SIZE DOESN'T MATTER-- SHAPE DOES! Introducing the most pleasurable condom you'll ever use. The scientifically developed Pleasure Plus condom actually increases stimulation for both of you.

If these steps don't make your safe sex sexier, then you're the problem.

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