Aren't we all selling sex for something?



So, I was reading The Frisky again. And there was a story about prostitution and sugar daddies. Is there a difference, was the question that was posed, but what people seem to forget is that we're all giving up something to get what we want in bed. We're all selling sex for something.

When I had a steady boyfriend and not just "the boy toy," when I wanted my car washed, I gave him head.

When women want to prove that we're wife material, we cook and pull out the Kama Sutra moves. We're doing that for at least one carat.

And men, they do it too. Why do you think he pulled out the Swifter mop and cleaned the bathroom? He knows that's going to get you into bed. Dinner and a chick flick? All a ruse to get some sex from you.

Prostitution would be legal if the government knew how to tax pussy.

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