The Blake Hotel bar and seducing your mate



The Vault Bar at the Blake Hotel is quiet and intimate.

This is a great spot to start role playing.

You and your partner head over to the Vault Bar. Of course you two can't arrive at the same time. One of you should take a seat at the bar and order a martini. While the other person should take a seat in one of the plush wicker swing chairs.

Next, lock eyes with your partner. Then saunter over to him or her. Use your cheesiest pick up line, like "Are you feet tired? You've been running through my mind all day."

The bartender is sure to get a kick out of it or wonder if you two are already drunk.

The lighting in the bar is very sensual and low, so you're not going to have to plaster your face with make-up. And since this person has seen you naked, they know the real deal.

This is a fun way to end your work day and since you have a house or apartment of your own, you don't have to spring for a hotel room, unless you just can't wait.

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